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After we have provided you best spinning rods, casting rods and fly rods, here is a list of best telescopic fishing rods. Although telescopic fishing rod is a pretty recent invention, the inspiration goes back to old days. Back then, people did not travel very frequently, but with the introduction of the airplane, distances became shorter and the concept of enjoying a ‘vacation abroad’ emerged. You might wonder how avid anglers would have traveled with their rods to exotic locations for fishing? The answer is simple, they couldn’t. Traditional fishing rods are long, they can snap very easily, and cannot be stored in constricted places. This dilemma gave birth to the idea of creating a telescoping fishing rod. These rods are just a shorter version of their full-sized siblings. If you have one, you can switch from a mere foot-long stick to a full-fledged fishing rod in a matter of seconds, thus enabling you to travel abroad with a fishing rod. While there are many companies producing these rods, I’m sure you’d agree with me that finding the best fishing rod isn’t easy. This is the reason I’ve picked 10 best telescopic fishing rods for you to select one that best suits your needs. Before we give details of our telescopic fishing rod reviews, let’s first see what a telescopic rod is, why you need it, and how to pick the best ones.

What Is A Telescopic Rod?

A telescopic rod takes inspiration from the old telescopes. The topmost part of the blank collapses into the lower part and then to the one below that until the rod depicts a small stick. This fishing rod is extremely easy to transport in a bag, without fear of it snapping into pieces.

Why Use A Telescopic Rod?

While telescopic rods are certainly useful (we will get back to that later), they are absolutely no replacement for traditional spinning or casting rods. You just won’t get the same feel in a telescoping fishing rod and that is due to the collapsing blanks. This does not mean it is not capable of angling fish.

Actually, the best telescoping fishing rod is designed to be as compact as possible, capable of transforming from a small stick to a full-fledged rod in a matter of seconds, much like a magic trick. So, if you plan on an outing at the lake or a hike in the mountains to try your hand at river fishing, an ultralight telescopic fishing rod can be your best buddy. It won’t take much space in your luggage and will always be ready to function when it is needed.

While hiking, you have to take special care of the weight you are carrying, as even a pound of extra weight can prove to be detrimental to your stamina. Furthermore, while on such excursions, you tend to pack only the essentials, since there is only limited space in your bag pack. The rod will fit snuggly in your bag pack without taking much space and because it has a cylindrical shape it can fit into tight spaces with ease.

Moreover, the biggest factor concerning telescoping fishing rods is their price. Surprisingly, they are much cheaper than traditional full-length fishing rods, so you can save valuable money that you can use elsewhere like getting a telescopic fishing rod and reel combo.

We believe the best quality telescopic fishing rod will serve you in almost all fishing applications, excluding serious fishing. Don’t take it on a professional fishing tournament or for deep sea fishing. The deep sea has large fish with immense tugging power, they will take the life out of your telescopic fishing rod in a few minutes. Trust your telescoping fishing rod for freshwater fishing applications.

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

Editor’s Choice

Out of all the telescope fish rods mentioned above, Runoff Sport Fishing chooses Plussino telescopic fishing rod. It is the best rod on our list. The Plussino rod folds down to a very small size making it easy for you to manage its storage.

Furthermore, it is made of the best materials, so it is one of the most durable, strong, sensitive and flexible telescopic rods ever made. You could not go wrong with Plussino as its advantages overpower its disadvantages.

8 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods


Plussino Telescopic Fishing Rod

This telescopic fishing rod brings you the best of both worlds with its carbon-fiber and fiberglass construction. The brilliant mixture of materials makes it strong and long-lasting. The pearl polish on this rod’s reel seat and blanks makes it look appealing and attractive.

The Plussino telescopic fishing rod is a medium power stick, so it is capable of tackling small to medium weight fish in freshwater and saltwater conditions except for feisty salmon and the powerful steelhead. We feel the rod is well-balanced with even power distribution allowing leverage when casting long distances and reeling in healthy fish. However, the slow medium action provides more flexibility, therefore, it is comfortable to use for beginners.

Furthermore, there are aluminum oxide guides and a stainless-steel reel seat installed in the telescopic fishing rod.


  • Closed Length: 15.17” and 17.72”
  • Open Length:9’ and 9.84’
  • Sections: 6 to 9
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Slow
  • Price: $17.89 – $55.29



  • Available in a range of length options
  • Rust-free and saltwater capable
  • Decent power for a telescopic fishing rod
  • High-quality reel seat


  • Not the best accuracy
  • Slightly heavyweight


The pole is not very sensitive, which is not that great, but you can feel most touches to your line and hook. The most important thing is that the sections lock perfectly so you can cast easily without the fear of breaking. Beware of larger fish though, they are not your friend when you are using this stick. Large and heavy fish can cause your stick to twist out of shape and possibly snap.


Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Rod

This telescopic stick by Eagle Claw is lightweight and hence perfect to take on your hiking trips to lakes and rivers surrounded by mountains. It is so light, you won’t feel it is even there! Moreover, you will stand out in the crowd thanks to the yellow color finish on the blank with hints of silver. Your telescoping fishing rod and reel will always be easy to find and won’t ever get lost in the foliage.

The telescopic rod can collapse to almost half of its full-length size. The Eagle Claw telescopic fishing rod is forged using fiberglass and therefore it is flexible as well as strong. The grips are made of EVA foam allowing you comfort during long hours of fishing. The reel seat sits between the two foam grips, which is usually found in casting rods that are built to catch large-sized fish. However, this certainly not a heavy duty telescopic fishing rod.


  • Closed Length: 18”
  • Open Length: 5’6”
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Slow-Medium
  • Sections: 5
  • Price: $16.64


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very compact
  • Casts a decent distance
  • Strong and rigid


  • Sensitivity is not great
  • Healthy fish can cause the rod to twist out of alignment


The stick has a line rating of 4-10 lb, so you can imagine how limited your options are. You have to settle for small trout and panfish found in rivers. The pole has decent castability and four guides to allow adequate control over the line. The medium action means the stick flexes in the middle and is sensitive enough to sense most fish and underwater foliage. Although this telescopic fishing rod doesn’t offer much in terms of performance, it is good enough for a pleasant hike or a trip to the lake. Just don’t expect too much out of a cheap fishing rod.


Goture Sword Telescopic Rod

The Goture Sword telescopic fishing rod is a great pole for both freshwater and saltwater fishing adventures. There is something for everybody, as Goture offer several models having various lengths, actions, and power.

The stick has an adequate number of eyelets to provide strength and control against feisty fish. The dual lock premium grade aluminum reel seat also complements this by holding the reel strongly in place. While battling strong fish, you also need comfortable handles. The last thing you want is bruised hands . For your facility, EVA foam handles are installed to provide you all day comfort against all types of fish and conditions.


  1. Closed Length: 6’ to 2.2’
  2. Open Length: 7’ to 11.6’
  3. Power: Medium to Medium Heavy
  4. Action: Slow – Medium
  5. Sections: 4
  6. Price: $23.99 – $37.99


  • A range of models to fit everyone’s needs
  • High-quality reel seat and comfortable EVA grip
  • Commendable sensitivity for a telescopic rod
  • Plenty of backbone


  • Collapsing and opening the rod poses some difficulties
  • Pathetic castability making it a poor option for large lakes


The product is made strong thanks to its carbon infused fiberglass blank construction. Moreover, it has the right amount of sensitivity and the perfect amount of power. A telescopic fishing rod is generally not very sensitive, but Goture brilliantly achieves that feat while keeping the stick durable and long lasting. However, this telescopic fishing rod does not do well in the casting department. It will not help you cast far away and accurate. This can be managed by transferring more power from your hand to the lure.

The Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod is one of the best options for a fishing trip. The strong stick is made with 24-ton graphite carbon, therefore, it is extremely strong and durable. Along with the blank, the rod’s reel seat is corrosion-resistant, thanks to its CNC machined aluminum build. Resistance from corrosion means you can use this telescopic fishing rod in both freshwater and saltwater fishing conditions. Most telescopic sticks are not built to tackle salt water, so you get an edge with your Sougayilang.


  • Closed Length: 5” – 27.6”
  • Open Length: 91’ – 11.8’
  • Guides: 4 – 7
  • Line Weight: 5 – 15 lb
  • Power: Medium Light
  • Price: $23.99 – $39.99


  • Nice action
  • The rod has just the right amount of sensitivity
  • Flexes enough to allow battles with feisty fish
  • Sections fit perfectly in place when the rod is opened


  • Few quality issues with regard to the tip and build quality
  • The guide is too close to the reel causing line entanglement


You get to enjoy 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. They are that confident! You don’t have to worry about a thing other than entertaining yourself with fishing, if something bad happens, you are covered.
Furthermore, you get to choose from a variety of lengths to suit different fishing conditions; freshwater, saltwater or inshore fishing. It works great as a backup travel rod or as the main weapon in your arsenal.


YONGZHI Telescopic Fishing Rod

The Yongzhi telescoping fishing rod makes travel fishing seem like a piece of cake. The impressive rod is constructed using two of the most rigid materials. Carbon-fiber and fiberglass combined make this stick unbeatable against small to medium-sized fish. It will take you through difficult fishing conditions and be loyal while battling fish.

This stick is small enough to fit in your pocket. Yes! It collapses down to a ridiculously small size, so you can store it anywhere while going on a journey. Due to its high-quality build and resistance to corrosion, it is perfect for a relaxing inshore fishing experience, or a soothing freshwater fishing adventure.


  • Open Length: 92’ – 7.87’
  • Closed Length: 62” – 12.79”
  • Sections: 6
  • Line Weight: 8 lb
  • Price: $19.99 – $25.99


  • Variable lengths available to choose from
  • The stick collapses into a very small size allowing you to casually store it in your pocket
  • The metallic finish is appealing
  • Comes with a cloth bag to help you carry it
  • Extremely lightweight and durable


  • Unable to handle powerful pulls by fish
  • Quality issues regarding guides and ferrules
  • Sections can lock in place and never close back


Yongzhi’s telescopic fishing rod folds down to become one of the smallest rods ever built. Those who have tried it, only sing praises of this special telescopic fishing rod. Not to mention, it comes with a 1-year warranty, making it a great option for kids to try.

The telescoping fishing rod by Blisswill is so compact it can fold down to as little as a foot. Therefore, you can take this rod anywhere hassle-free, by placing it in your bag pack, or simply in your pocket. This particular stick is corrosion resistance, so it makes for a great companion while performing inshore and reef fishing.


  • Open Length:2’ – 7.8’
  • Close Length: 8” – 14.9”
  • Power: Hard
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Price: $15.99 – $20.99


  • One-month money back guarantee
  • Pocket-size telescopic fishing rod
  • Attractive silvery finish
  • Comes with a portable bag


  • Misalignment issues
  • Too stiff for a medium fast action


It is a necessary inclusion to anyone’s rod arsenal as a backup. You also get to choose from an array of sticks with different lengths, so you find the perfect one for yourself. Blisswill has constructed it from carbon fiber and fiberglass to make it strong and rigid.


Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod

The Hurricane Mako pole is a one of a kind. It is made of premium fiberglass, so there is very little chance that it could snap in two, due to high tension. The 6-section rod is built to collapse down to a foot in length, so you can carry it in your clothes without the fear of breaking it. If you want, it even fits easily in your pocket. The ceramic eyelets are a useful feature, capable of minimizing line friction and improving fish handling. The reel seat is built with a combination of graphite and stainless steel, so there is no fear of rusting. Furthermore, EVA handles are provided for a day-long comfort during high-intensity fishing.


  • Open Length: 7’ – 8’
  • Closed Length: 12” – 18”
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Medium
  • Price: $20.09 – $49.02


  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Great castability
  • Well-balanced rod


  • Does not collapse to be too small
  • A little heavy


This pole is saltwater proof, so you do not have to worry about rust. Take it to the shore for inshore fishing or try surf fishing and it won’t disappoint. It has 6 sections, so it is pretty weak with regard to the backbone. Don’t expect to catch large fish with it, or it will break into pieces. However, it is priced decently, so you can keep it as a backup.

It is built with a combination of dense 24-Ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite for great power. It is lightweight and strong, so it remains balanced and doesn’t twist. While using it, you will feel it absorbs all the tension and lets your hands relax.  It is also extremely sensitive thanks to the carbon fiber mixture, allowing you to feel even the slightest touch to the hook at your hands. Furthermore, it is entirely rust-proof, so you can take it on a trip to the beach or enjoy a fishing adventure at the river.


  • Open Length: 5’10 – 10’10
  • Close Length: 8” – 26.3”
  • Sections: 6
  • Power: Medium Heavy to Medium
  • Price: $23.99 – $36.99


  • • Corrosion Resistance
  • Attractive look
  • Salt water application
  • It can handle medium weighted fish


  • The handle is a bit small
  • Bit pricier than others


The Troutboy telescope stick is attractive. The black finish will turn quite a few eyes when you take it on a fishing trip. It has enough backbone to handle medium sized fish, so you do not have any fear of breaking while fishing. Moreover, it is rust-proof, so inshore fishing is not a problem. Not many sticks are capable of saltwater fishing, so this is a great bonus if you don’t have a freshwater source nearby.

Choose the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

How to Choose the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

The best telescoping fishing rod is like any other fishing rod with regard to its components and functionality. Now I will discuss the components of a telescoping rod in-depth, to help you make an intelligent decision.


Fishing rods are made from numerous selected materials since they have a unique application. They have to be strong and sturdy to withstand powerful tugging of fish, and at the same time, they need to be flexible and sensitive to give you the leverage as an angler to deal with fish.

There are two major materials in use worldwide to make these poles. Telescope sticks, you mostly find, are built either with fiberglass, graphite or a combination of both. Bamboo is also used in rod blank construction but that material is exclusive to full-length fishing sticks.

Graphite is lightweight and durable, however, don’t expect to get premium grade high-modulus graphite in telescopic sticks. Furthermore, feel free to experiment with different stick materials to find one that feels the best in your hands.


Since the basic purpose behind a telescope stick is to allow ease of transport, it has to be extremely lightweight. Hence, the weight is a huge factor when considering fishing rods in general and telescope rods in specific.

The weight depends on the material used in the construction of your telescope rod and your rod’s length. Therefore, depending on your preferences of weight choose the appropriate length. However, a more important factor is not the overall weight but the way rod is balanced. The Balance plays a big role in bettering your fishing abilities. A well-balanced stick will give you perfect control allowing you to overpower the fish.


While buying a full-sized stick, you only consider full length of the rod which can range from 5 feet to 12 feet, and sometimes 14 feet. However, with a telescoping rod, you have to factor in two lengths. One is the overall length of the rod and the other is the length when the rod is completely closed. Both are equally important, especially the closed length since its compact size and length determine whether it can be fit in your travel luggage or not.

The length brings with it some important considerations:

  1. The castability of the rod: How far you can reach with the stick is dependent on its length
  2. The number of sections in the rod: These can largely affect your flexibility and the strength of your stick
  3. The number of eyelets: Eyelets hold your line in place, so it is vital for you to notice how many are provided.


Also called eyelets, they are the small rings that your line passes through along the blank to the end of the rod. Their quality is very crucial since they take the immense pressure when a fish is hooked to the line. Poor quality guides will only leave you high and dry when the time comes.

Moreover, the perfect number of eyelets on the rod is of supreme consideration. With more eyelets placed along the blank, you get equal weight distribution and that means you have more control on the fish while it is hooked to your line. However, the more guides you have the longer the length of the rod. Few guides, on the other hand, infer you have less control over the fish and your line is more prone to snapping.

Therefore, look for a pole with evenly placed guides to keep your rod well balanced and ready for the kill. I personally recommend a telescoping fishing rod with at least 5 guides, so you are not restricted in your fishing operations.


It is highly significant to notice that the quality of your blanks and guides play a significant role in bettering your fishing abilities. If your rod is not aligned properly or if it is of low quality, it can twist out of shape when put under tension. This is very common, especially with a telescoping fishing rod, since it requires weight reduction and with it comes the vulnerability of twisting.

However, the best telescopic fishing rod would be lightweight and sturdy enough to allow you to battle a large fish without fear of the stick bending out of shape. In any case, regular checks are necessary to keep your telescoping fishing rod in top shape.


The action of a rod is also a concerning factor, as it refers to the rod’s flexibility against pressure. The most common actions are fast, medium, and slow. A fast action means the rod is stiff overall and slightly flexible at the tip, a medium action rod bends right up to the mid-section of the stick while the slow action rod is the most flexible causing the whole stick to bend.

Thanks to advancements in rod building technology, you find more and more poles with slow action. Fiberglass and graphite are strong materials that allow enough room for the stick to flex without snapping it into pieces. However, a slower action means you can’t cast a mile with your telescope rod.

Please, not that actions of a telescoping fishing rod are not similar to the actions of regular fishing rods. So, if you have never bought a telescope rod before and you are hoping to buy one based on your experience with a full-length stick, then you are in trouble. The various collapsible blanks do not give the same feel and action, thus you can’t judge them very easily.


The power of a telescoping fishing rod ranges from light to heavy and refers to the rod’s ability to handle the weight of a fish. A heavy pole shall be easier to cast than a light power telescope stick and will easily handle large fish. Telescope poles usually come in medium to a medium-heavy range, which is a decent power for general freshwater fishing applications.


It is great to have a stick that is sensitive. There is no measurement of sensitivity yet, so the only way you can tell is by using the rod in a test. While using a high sensitivity rod, you will feel even slight touches to the line and the hook and will know of rocks or weeds in the water allowing you to steer clear of danger.

On the contrary, a low sensitivity pole will be of no help, especially in freshwater conditions where slight touches are to be noticed. Fish will be able to snatch the bait without you noticing a thing. Generally, low sensitivity sticks are good for deep sea fishing where fish are large and strong that you feel a jerk when they grab the hook.

Final Conclusion

The most important thing to consider with your telescopic fishing rod is its material, as it determines the strength and durability of your stick. The better the material, the less you have to worry about your rod snapping. Other than that, you only need to worry about the places you visit to hone your angling skills. Choose scenic areas, so you can make the best use of your telescopic stick while on your vacations or business trip. Have fun and don’t forget to clean your stick before you store it.


How to use a telescopic fishing rod?

A telescopic fishing rod is made for those individuals who love traveling and angling. Take one on your next journey by fitting the small stick in your luggage or car’s trunk. There is nothing complex about using a telescoping stick; simply pull it out of its crevice, it will lock itself in each section. Now you can use it just like any other traditional fishing pole. The process to fold it down is similar. Here you press it down until it collapses completely into the last section. Make sure to do the process slowly, else you can break the delicate rod.

Is a telescopic stick worth the money?

Telescoping sticks are totally worth the money. They are generally cheaper than traditional rods, however, you do not get the quality and feel of a traditional stick. Be careful not to choose this stick as your main fishing rod. These poles are made solely for travel purposes and general fly-fishing applications. Don’t go overboard with them and keep them only as a backup option.

Telescope rod vs a detachable rod?

In essence, detachable rods do the same thing as a telescope stick does, and that is to make the stick easy to transport. However, the difference lies in size and portability. A detachable stick will break down into 2 or 3 smaller pieces, however, these pieces will still be difficult to transport owing to their relatively long lengths. A telescopic stick, on the other hand, will easily collapse into a very small size and open up to become a full-fledged fishing rod in a matter of seconds. A detachable stick is a better choice if you are serious about angling and casting, as it offers more strength due to the lesser number of attachments. Otherwise, for a causal angling trip, a telescopic pole is the best.

Do I have to assemble a telescopic fishing rod?

If you are not a regular angler, you might be perplexed looking at a telescopic pole, wondering how to assemble it, since most rods nowadays require assembly. No need to worry, as the majority of telescope sticks come pre-assembled. All you have to do is take it out of the packaging and open and fold it as much as you please.

Is a reel attached to the telescopic rod?

There are two types of telescopic rods in this regard. Those that come with a pre-attached reel and others that require a reel to be attached to them. This depends on your preference. If you choose to buy a telescopic rod with a pre-installed reel, you are not left with many options. On the other hand, buying a separate reel opens up various options for you as an angler.

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